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Game-Changing BetaNXT Partnership

By Sal Gagliano, CEO of TIFIN AMP

Revolutionizing Asset Management Distribution with a Unique Wealth Partner: TIFIN AMP & BetaNXT Unite

TIFIN AMP and BetaNXT have joined forces to redefine intermediary distribution for asset managers in a game-changing move. This strategic alliance blends TIFIN AMP’s AI-driven insights with BetaNXT’s unmatched data capabilities, empowering asset managers with precision and efficiency in intermediary distribution efforts.


Accessible Solutions for Every Firm

Our modular approach ensures accessibility for asset management firms of all sizes, seamlessly integrating into existing CRM systems or standing alone. This inclusive design allows every player in the industry to leverage our technology for growth and value.


Connected Wealth: The Future is Now

This partnership propels us into the era of connected wealth, leaving legacy systems and tedious reconciliations behind. Our combined approach also exponentially expands data capabilities and drives fintech innovation for Wealth Management firms.


Driving the Future Together

TIFIN AMP and BetaNXT invite you to shape the future of wealth management. 

Together, we can explore the possibilities, drive innovation, and redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of connected wealth. 


Join the conversation – let’s modernize distribution.

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